A special Visitor

Date: 9th Jan 2017 @ 10:01pm

Today we had a very special visitor to school. 

Mrs. Copeland came to visit our class. Mrs. Copeland brought a special box containing some special items. We found out that Mrs. Copeland had 2 children in our school and was a Parent Governor. 

Mrs. Copeland explained that as well as being a Parent Governor, she had another job. The children were shown some special items and had to see if they could guess what Mrs. Copeland's job was. 

Have a look at the photographs to see if you can guess. 

We found out that Mrs. Copeland's job at Kew Woods was to help Miss. Jackson look after our school and all the teachers, staff and children. Mrs. Copeland has to help Miss. Jackson and the other governors make decisions that help our school. 


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