Back to Earth with A Crash and a Bang!

Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 5:32pm

After Christmas we returned to school to find a crash site!

But this was no ordinary crash alien called Beegu had landed here, in our school! We couldn't believe our eyes! We looked at all the parts and thought about what they might be. Asher said the keyboard must control the spaceship! He suggested it crashed through the ceiling. Joshua said 'there might be aliens and they still might be here!' Casey noticed a hook. Zara saw the broken phone parts and suggested we fixed it to ring somebody for help.

We wondered how Beegu got here and we thought about how Beegu might feel being all alone on another planet, far away from home. Then Isaac and Harry G had a great idea! They suggested that we needed to use sellotape to fix the space ship, or we could build Beegu another one! So that is what we did.


We went back into class and worked together as a team to brainstorm ideas, design our space crafts and build them. We were so busy! We designed, we cut, we fixed, we glued, we tested, we checked....what a busy day! Beegu loved the space crafts that we made for her. We wrote to her family to let them know that she was safe with us here at Kew Woods.


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