Nifty Name Writing & Happy Handwriting

Date: 8th Nov 2017 @ 7:04am

We have been focusing on the letter formation. Since September we have been practising our name writing every day and now many of us are really confident at; finding our name, copying our name and then independently writing our name. This will continue to embed pencil grip, letter formation and confidence of independent name writing. 

This term we have started to practise the letter formation and have some very neat handwrinting being completed. 

So far we have practised: 

a - around the apple and down the leaf

c - curl around the caterpillar 

e - lift of the top and scoop out the egg

i - down the body and a dot for the head

Each week we have a 'Writer of the week'.

Look at the children who have been super so far!

If you would like to help your child at home, please refer to the handout provided at parents evening and our welcome meeting for the help sheet and formation guidelines and provide any given opportunity for your child to write. Write a list (one to Santa), write jobs to do, write cards to family, even write with a paint brush and water on the tiled bathroom wall. The list is endless and every little helps. 

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