No Pen Day!

Date: 22nd Feb 2017 @ 4:14pm

We had such a fantastic time taking part in our second No Pen Day in school! As our topic for this term is America, we  decided that we would like to begin our day by taking part in a debate based on deforestation. We were each given a different role that we had to play: farmers, loggers, animals, hotel owners and scientists. Each of these different roles represented a different argument that either is against deforestation or supports it. We worked together as a group to organise our arguments and delivered this to the class using app called 'Show Me' that allowed us to do an interactive presentation. After lunch, we took part in a class DEAR and read some of our favourite books. We finished our day with a fantastic lesson of French with Mrs. McGuckin, looking at making different countries. 


A fantastic day in Year 6!



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