No Pen Day

Date: 20th Feb 2017 @ 10:57pm

Today was a No Pen Day, and what a fantastic day we had! We spent the day thinking hard about different ideas (and thunks!) as well as building a debate on deforestation. We discussed how difficult it can be to argue for something that you are actually against, but 6W were fantastically mature and came up with some excellent arguments. We also used the iPads to create a voice presentation discussing how the thinking hats can be used to consider the topic of deforestation. Check back soon for a link to some of these presentations, as they will be added shortly!


Perhaps one of the most interesting discussions that we had as whether we would take a pill which meant we would never fail, if we had the option. Most of us decided that we wouldn't, and it made us realise how proud we are of ourselves for working so hard and making so much progress. What would you do?

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