Our Cracking Eggsperiment!

Date: 10th Nov 2017 @ 9:20am

We had a special delivery in class; we received a box with a letter attached. Inside were some eggs and the letter was from the Little Red Hen. She said there was a naughty fox who had broken her eggs, so she asked for our help to keep them safe. She suggested asking ‘Theo the Thinker’ to help us with our problem solving and we thought of some ‘cracking’ ideas!

We predicted that if the eggs were dropped they would crack and break. Miss O’Dowd accidently dropped one and we were right! The egg did crack. Poor Little Red Hen! We needed to save the other eggs from being broken, so we shared our thinking ideas to try and solve the problem.

Some children suggested catching the eggs and others suggested setting a trap for the fox. Some children thought about placing a trampoline under the hen’s nest while others thought of protecting the eggs by wrapping them up or making a ‘bouncy blanket.’

Off we went into our groups to put our ideas into action. One group went with the ‘bouncy blanket’ idea and the other groups made pouches or parcels, and wrapped the eggs up.

We took our ideas outside to test them. It was so eggciting! We predicted what would happen with each groups’ eggsperiment. We even had our fingers crossed that the eggs wouldn’t break! Sadly, three did, but Miss O’Dowd assured us that she would replace the eggs for the Little Red Hen.

We concluded that:

· The eggs were safer with more soft, spongy layers around it. ‘You need loads of layers.’ 'It needs to be soft.'

· Eggs could roll off a bouncy blanket, so it might be better to wrap it up. ‘It rolled off! We need to wrap it up and keep it warm.’

· The parcel had to be soft and spongy all around the egg, not just on one side. ‘OH NO! It’s cracked inside!’

· We are brilliant Theo the Thinkers and we worked so well as a team, listening, sharing ideas and turn-taking.

You have to crack an egg to make an omelette!


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