Date: 23rd Jan 2018 @ 5:48pm

Here at Kew Woods and particularly in RK, we pride ourselves in being a fabulous team and during Collective Worship we have been demonstrating our 'teamwork.'

We work together as a team everyday, in lots of different ways; sharing, turn -taking, working together, cheering for one another. Things are much more fun when you are a team - as we found out!

Ms O'Dowd gave two children a chocolate coin each and put them at either end of the room. She then put the children into a hoop and asked each child to get their coin before the sand timer ran out. Immediately, the children went in separate directions. The children soon realised that they had to work together and turn-take in order to get their chocolate coin in time.

It was so much fun being a team! The children loved their chocolate coins.Yum!

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