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Date: 9th Nov 2017 @ 11:43pm

We have been writing from the start of the children entering Reception and it is quite amazing to see how much progress the children are making. Already they are able to write their own names - an important part of their identity and the first steps in written communication. 

Every Tuesday we have handwriting lessons and so far we have practised writing:

  • a - around the apple and down the leaf
  • c - curl around the caterpillar
  • e - lift of the lid, scoop out the egg
  • i - down the body and a dot for the head

The ditty's are important as they help the children to remember their letter formation. Please encourage this at home and don't forget to use the letter formation sheet we handed out at 'Meet the Teacher' and more recently.

You can help your child at home with their writing by:

  • Sneaking writing into play. Turn it into a game. If you're playing pirates, draw a map or write instructions to find treasure. Be immaginative! You dont have to use a pen and paper. You can write in mud, in sand, in shaving foam, flour, glitter, gloop. You can write with brushes, stones, sticks, chalk, carrots, ear buds etc. 
  • Choosing the child's interests: as it is almost Christmas, now is the perfect time to write their (never-ending) list and I'm sure they won't complain!
  • Keeping games short. Don't lose their interest by labouring something which they have no interest in.
  • Praising - your children are eager to please you. Show your appreciation by displaying their writing. Writing should be shared.
  • Having fun!! Your children will really appreciate this time with you.

Here are some of the things we get up to in our handwriting lessons...



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