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Liquorice Classification!, by Miss Tittle

Christmas, by Mrs Baumber

Happy Christmas from 5K, by Mr McWilliam

Enterprise- Fairtrade Cafe, by Mr McWilliam

Q Factor, by Mrs McGlincy

End of Autumn Term , by Mrs McGlincy

Q factor, by Mrs Bassey

Enterprise fair, by Mrs Bassey

Christmas dinner day, by Mrs Fish

Shrek! , by Mrs Fish

Christmas party, by Mrs Bassey

Our Christmas Party, by Miss Hayde

EFC Football Competition , by Miss Hayde

Future ice skating stars, by Mr Towler

Ice skating, by Mrs Bassey

Frosty the Snowman, by Mrs McGlincy

The Story of Christmas , by Miss Hayde

Music @ Stanley High, by Mr McWilliam

Edible Rocks ! , by Mrs McGlincy

Feeling Festive!, by Miss Hayde

DT, by Mrs Bassey

Writing Fairtrade Persuasion, by Mr McWilliam

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