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Aborigine Art, by Miss Deegan

Moving Monsters, by Mrs Woodall


MIndfulness in 6K, by Mrs Scott

Movie Makers in 5K, by Mr McWilliam

Paired Writing, by Mr McWilliam

Teamwork, by Miss O Dowd

Design technology, by Mrs Bassey

Research in History, by Mr McWilliam

Letters Down Under..., by Miss Jones

Guitar lessons, by Mrs Bassey

Gymnastics , by Mrs Scott

Attendance Certificates, by Miss Jones

Moving Monsters, by Mrs McGlincy

Strange happenings! , by Mrs Fish

A Great Start to 2018, by Miss Hayde

Liquorice Classification!, by Miss Tittle

Christmas, by Mrs Baumber

Happy Christmas from 5K, by Mr McWilliam

Enterprise- Fairtrade Cafe, by Mr McWilliam

Q Factor, by Mrs McGlincy

End of Autumn Term , by Mrs McGlincy

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