Design and Technology

Design and Technology

DT encourages pupils to apply their knowledge and skills to solve practical problems and to look for original and diverse solutions.

It allows pupils to become aware of ways in which technology is changing the home, the workplace, and lifestyles and it can broaden their insight into the variety of different cultural backgrounds, especially when food materials and environmental designs are involved.


It is important to learn about keeping healthy and about what constitutes a healthy diet. Children at Kew Woods enjoy being given the opportunity to cook a range of healthy meals and learn about the different food groups.

What our pupils say...

"I know that a healthy diet means eating a little bit of everything but not too much sugar. I enjoyed making the beanie dip and finding out about all the different healthy foods"
Year 4 pupil.


“The DT day was a great opportunity for all of the children to show off their creative skills and there were so many fabulous designs."  Year 1 Teacher

“We loved the DT day where we had to build bridges.” Year 6 Pupil 


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