At Kew Woods we aim to develop all of our pupils to their full potential and do this through a range of approaches, using a wide range of resources. Children are taught English through a creative curriculum where topics and texts are linked. Quality texts are used to teach reading and writing skills and class novels are shared so children develop the skill and enjoyment of reading for pleasure.

The use of learning technologies has helped to enhance children’s learning by being able to record drama activities, take part in debates and the use of word processing and publishing apps allows children to present their work in different ways. Apps such as book creator, comic book and hairy phonics are just some of the ways that learning in English is enhanced. Class blogs encourage children to respond to the learning that has taken place in their class and texts that they have shared.

All teachers and support staff at Kew Woods foster a love of reading. Classroom libraries offer children a quiet and stimulating environment for them to share a range of different texts. World Book Day is a particular highlight with all staff and children dressing up as their favourite book character, sharing stories, inviting authors and poets and participating in different reading experiences. The day culminates in the launch of the Key Stage 2 writing competition.


Pupils at Kew Woods experience a Big Write each week which is a fun and exciting lesson where children can demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through a range of different writing genres. Children’s work is displayed and they are extremely proud of their achievements. Cross curricular writing is also a priority during creative curriculum lessons. The presentation of children’s work is important. In Reception and Year 1, children are taught the correct letter formation and when they are ready, are taught to use a cursive script. From Year 2 onwards children are expected to develop their cursive style of handwriting. 

Children learn to read through the Oxford Reading Tree scheme from Reception and Key Stage 1. They are then closely monitored throughout the school where children move through the reading bands as they grow in confidence and understanding. Children from Year 2 have a guided reading session each week delivered by their teacher. They learn to consolidate their word reading and participate in a range of reading activities to promote a clear understanding of the texts they read. Reading journals throughout the school enable children to continue their reading experiences independently. 

Children’s spoken language and performance skills are highly promoted within Kew Woods with carol concerts at Christmas, end of year productions, Year 6 productions and class assemblies. Teachers encourage the use of drama within their English and curriculum lessons.



“I dressed up as ‘Where’s Wally?’ on World Book Day. It was fun looking at everyone’s costumes!”  Year 6 pupil.


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