At Kew Woods Primary School we aim to stimulate the children’s interest and understanding about the life of people who lived in the past. We teach children a sense of chronology, and through this they develop a sense of identity, and a cultural understanding based on their historical heritage. Thus they learn to value their own and other people’s cultures in modern multicultural Britain and, by considering how people lived in the past, they are better able to make their own life choices today. We teach children to understand how events in the past have influenced our lives today; we also teach them to investigate these past events and, by so doing, to develop the skills of enquiry, analysis, interpretation and problem-solving.

What our pupils say...


“I have loved learning about the Egyptians this year. I can’t believe that I can read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and I have loved going home and testing my family!” Year 4 pupil


“I have enjoyed learning about the Normans and how the Kings changed over time. I love historical investigations, especially looking at primary sources and seeing whether they are useful to my study”.  Year 5 pupil 

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